May 22, 2017

Chapter Book Review: Abracadabra

The show must go on!
A mysterious trunk filled with props for their latest performance packs a walloping punch to the Backyard Players. When a magic wand turns out to really be magic, the friends must find a way to reverse the spell before the curtain rises.
This chapter book is perfect for fans of the Magic Treehouse series and for kids who love putting on performances.

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4 Stars
Four kids make up the Backyard Players complete with their own stage in a backyard to put on productions they write, produce and act in for friends and family. They use a magic wand for a prop and accidentally put a spell on PJ one of the Backyard Players. From there they have to figure out how to change their friend back and still perform a play that night. This was a cute story and would be an enjoyable read for any junior thespian. The children engage in problem-solving and there are some sections when they argue and have to learn to work together.