June 19, 2017

Graphic Novel Review: Sea Creatures in Their Own Words #2 Armed and Dangerous

Dive into the deep-end with this new series and hear from Sea Creatures, great and small, in their own words! Clown around with clownfish, float around with a puffer fish, and soar with flying fish! This fun exploration of the deep blue sea and all the marine life in it is perfect for any budding marine biologist!

The Clownfish
The Anemone
The Parrot Fish
The Mimic Octopus
The Iguana
The Cuttlefish
The Mandarinfish
The Sea Dragon
The Stingray
The Pike's Place
The Zebra Mantis Shrimp
The Remora
The Spider Crab
The Velvet Crab
The Arrow Crab
The Anilocra
and many more!

5 Stars
Science can be fun, especially when it is packaged in this colorful graphic novel! There are so many types of fish who come to life to show the dangers of the ocean it is an exciting read. Great graphic novel illustrations and wonderful information on home sharing and some of the ecological dangers that affect our oceans today. This book would be great for both readers and nonreaders and the subject matter is excellent!

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