July 31, 2017

Chapter Book Review: Wilf the MIghty Worrier

Things Wilf was worried about before: 1. Fish sucking his toes when he goes for a paddle. 2. Garden gnomes coming to life. 3. Losing his 'How to Stop Worrying' leaflet. 
Things Wilf is worried about now: 1. Alan coming on holiday to Africa with him. 2. Alan raising an army of terrifying animals in his quest for world domination. 3. Being the only person who can stop Alan. As usual.Join Wilf on an animal-tastic jungle adventure, with laughs on every page and exuberant illustrations by the talented Jamie Littler.

4 Stars

Like many children, Wilf worries about things. Lucky for him he has a pamphlet with all kinds of strategies to help him deal with the many things that keep him awake at night. This was a cute book and the silliness of the situations would appeal to a young reader.  The characters go to Africa and are able to talk to the animals through a crazy invention. I especially liked Kevin the dog who rerouted every conversation to include giving him a dog treat.  

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